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Topjobs Rail Mount Terminal Block w/ Lever

Topjobs Rail Mount Terminal Block w/ Lever



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Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Levers

Connect conductors without tools via rail-mount terminal blocks with levers. With the lever, opening and closing a clamping point by hand couldn’t be any easier. Especially when making connections in the field, the user benefits from the ease of handling offered by this intuitive design. The levers remain open for the simultaneous connection of difficult-to-bend conductors with large cross sections. Thanks to Push-in CAGE CLAMP®, solid and stranded conductors, as well as fine-stranded conductors with gas-tight crimped ferrules, can also be connected by push-in termination.


  • Manual lever actuation – inherently intuitive, tool-free operation
  • The raised lever stays open, freeing hands for quick and easy wiring.
  • The lever’s position clearly signals whether the clamping point is open or closed.
  • All conductor types can be connected and disconnected without tools.
  • Push-in CAGE CLAMP® allows connection of both solid and fine-stranded conductors with ferrules by simply pushing them into the unit
  • Connection is secured when the easy-to-use lever is quickly and simply lowered into closed position

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SKU #: ART-21025204-WAG Conductors: 2 Wire Gauge: 22-12 AWG (2102) $1.76
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SKU #: ART-21045204-WAG Conductors: 2 Wire Gauge: 20-10 AWG (2104) $3.18
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SKU #: ART-21065204-WAG Conductors: 2 Wire Gauge: 20-8 AWG (2106) $3.33
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SKU #: ART-21165204-WAG Conductors: 2 Wire Gauge: 22-4 AWG (2116) $5.37
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SKU #: ART-22101304-WAG Conductors: 3 Wire Gauge: 22-4 AWG (2116) $5.76
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SKU #: ART-21101304-WAG Conductors: 3 Wire Gauge: 20-6 AWG (2110) $9.07
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SKU #: ART-20101304-WAG Conductors: 3 Wire Gauge: 20 - 6 AWG (2010) $5.34
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SKU #: Conductors: 3 Wire Gauge: 20-6 AWG (2210) $5.76
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