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SmartKey Starter Remote / Auto Start, Alarm & High Idle for 2019-2024 Sprinter – SKSNG907RV

SmartKey Starter Remote / Auto Start, Alarm & High Idle for 2019-2024 Sprinter – SKSNG907RV

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  • Worlds first 100% plug & play remote / auto starter, alarm, & high idle for Mercedes / Freightliner Sprinter
  • Works with factory key fob out of the box (‘lock-unlock-lock’)
  • Includes OEM style high idle with no dealer programming required 
  • Automatically activates high idle after upon remote start (idle RPM setting programming through instrument cluster menu)
  • Easily turn high idle on and off using the turn signal stalk (pull towards you to turn on / off, with parking brake engaged)
  • Includes OEM style alarm with no additional hardware required. Additional sensors can be added: shock/tilt/vehicle movement stand-alone (Compustar DAS sensor) or full external Compustar (FT-900AS, CMX, etc.) or full external Directed alarms
  • Interfaces with Compustar Drone and Directed Smart Start smart phone control interfaces and RF remotes (for extended range)
  • 2-way factory and / or external alarm notifications with Compustar Drone & Directed / Viper Smart Start
  • Anti-theft / anti-carjacking feature included (Compustar Drone or Directed Smart Start included).  Press AUX1 button on phone app. & vehicle will shut down at 0MPH
  • Optional start / stop / status out triggers for use with external input (eg: battery monitor with start/stop relay, compressor monitor, temperature monitor & more)
  • Automatically turns on heated seats based on programmable outside temperature
  • Automatically turns on rear defroster at programmable outside temperature threshold 
  • Automatically turns on cooled seats at programmable outside temperature threshold 
  • Seamless solution that does not disrupt integrity of the vehicle, keeping warranties intact (100% plug & play).  Installation can take as little as 15 minutes. 
  • User-friendly programmability from steering wheel controls.  Adjust options like run time, heated/cooled seat/rear defroster temp. threshold, light flashes, timer start, sensor sensitivity (when adding Compustar DAS sensor) . 
  • Plug-and-play integration with Compustar DAS sensor (shock/glass-break/tilt/vehicle movement).  Sensor interfaces with factory alarm and offers 2-way communication with Compustar Drone and / or Directed / Viper Smart Start
  • Plug-and-play integration with full external Compustar (FT-900AS) or Directed alarms .  Interfaces with factory alarm.
  • Industry leading automotive hardware and firmware


  • Note: an extra key is needed for installation (box for key installation included)
  • Note: remote start run time for this system is 1-hour. When using auto start with external 1-wire trigger (latched ground to start and run) the system will re-start if ground is still applied to start wire after run-time expiration. The system will continue running and re-starting until external trigger removes ground signal. Run time is field programmable. 

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