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48V Sprinter Dual Alternator Kit

48V Sprinter Dual Alternator Kit



Kit Includes: 

  • (1) WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator
  • (1) Positive Van Harness 27ft
  • (1) Thermister WS500 AT-K - .3M
  • (1) UTPS-10-Blue WSingle Dt (WS to VE Cable)
  • (1) WS500-DT

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What are the benefits of the 48 Volt HPX Series Secondary Alternator system?

  • 100 Amp Max Output (Software Regulated)
  • 5.5KW Plus Max output produced safely to protect battery system
  • CAN enabled charging system closed loop for safest lithium systems
  • Components designed with High Energy systems in mind from OE designed components
  • Hairpin high efficiency windings and 12 diode dual bridge internal rectifier
  • Custom Housings with E-Coating for protection from the elements
  • Dual internal fan cooling, steel reinforced inserts in mounting ears
  • Dedicated ground, temp sensor threaded bosses in custom designed housings
  • Motor grade bearings for maximum dependability and service
  • Simply the best compact application specific alternator on the market

Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Regulator

In a resounding departure from the vast majority of multi-stage voltage-only regulators currently available, the WS500 uses a unique approach to charge control by factoring multiple criteria - battery voltage, current in, current out, battery temperature, alternator temperature - resulting in a smarter approach to battery and system care.Highly configurable and able to communicate via J1939 CAN protocol, the WS500 provides superior charging efficiency and safety along with the singular ability to address the specific needs of newer battery technologies like LiFePO4 and similar chemistries.
Ideal for RV applications, some exclusive features of the WS500 include:

  • Active regulation of voltage, current, and temperatures to assure proper battery charging while protecting the system - including ensuring battery C rate is never exceeded without needing to artificially restrict the alternator capacity.
  • Zero Output Technology allows alternators to continue to power house loads after the battery is fully changed.
  • Adaptive Idle Technology reduces alternator load at lower engine RPMs to minimize impact on performance.
  • Auto-adjusts for 12, 24, 48/51 volt systems and allows advanced user-configuration for system voltages in between.
  • CAN communication for ease of install and reliable measurement of critical battery and system information such as: battery amperage/voltage, alternator and battery temperature, battery capacity and status, electrical and engine loads
  • Full BMS and Operator Display compatibility using RV-C, OSEnergy and other protocols

Why run dual alternators?

  • The factory alternator does what it is designed for, recharging the factory battery and supporting the factory electrical needs.
  • Dedicated charging system for your separate electrical system
  • Compatibility with smart regulators to monitor and protect the alternator and batteries.
  • Professionally engineered bracketry to adapt to modern engines
  • High charge at idle
  • Faster recharge of batteries saving time and fuel
  • Generator replacement- using your existing engine with a Nations Alternator gives you unlimited power without adding any additional fuel or engine
  • Reliability- Nations has the experience and quality to last under the harshest conditions

The only approved batteries for this Dual Alternator kit are Victron with Lynx, Lithionics, Discover, and other battery systems with RVC and CAN Based regulator to battery communication. Any drop-in lithium batteries without communication are not approved and will not be warrantied.

How to Install

About the Brand

Victron Energy, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been a pioneering force in the design and manufacturing of products tailored for battery-based energy systems since its inception in 1975. Over the decades, this Dutch company has evolved from its modest beginnings as a technology startup into a prominent international enterprise. Today, their extensive product portfolio boasts nearly 1,000 distinct offerings, all of which are distributed and trusted by customers worldwide.

Victron Energy's reputation is firmly established on the global stage, renowned for the production of dependable off-grid battery inverter chargers and a diverse selection of cost-effective solar controllers. They particularly excel in meeting the unique demands of the automotive, RV, and boating sectors, where micro power systems are commonplace. In this fiercely competitive market, Victron stands out as one of the select few high-quality manufacturers, earning the trust of discerning consumers seeking reliability and innovation in their energy solutions.

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